About Spa Solutions & AS&MS Agency Ltd

about Spa SolutionsAS&MS Agency Ltd Trading as Spa Solutions has built up a first class portfolio for supplying the best products to customers. Our range of hot tubs and spas offer a unique and specialised design to suit the shapes of individual people, allowing each spa seat to be unique, giving the user a different type of hydrotherapy purpose on every seating position.

Spa Solutions supply products which combine the most advanced hot tub technology with world-class construction and outstanding service. All of the hot tubs ranges we offer are built and designed for easy use, durability, and easy maintenance. We distribute brands of spas and hot tubs through rigorously trained spa dealerships who can offer their experience in Spa maintenance, Service, Installation and any advice you need to meet your requirements.

Our purpose is to serve our dealerships in the UK and mainland Europe. Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in retailing any of out products.