Matterhorn Swim Spa

The possibilities are “literally” endless in the Matterhorn swim spa. Indulge yourself in this sleek and elegant unit that has all the hydrotherapy benefits of a top of the line hot tub, but that also allows you to enjoy year round swimming and aquatic exercise. The Matterhorn boasts a sturdy steal frame, solid 1/2” ABS bottom and angle iron bracing throughout the acrylic shell. However, the Matterhorn is not only brawn but beauty as well. With seating for six, large entry steps on both sides and multiple cabinet and acrylic colors you can rest easy knowing you have purchased a quality product to enjoy through the years.

Dimensions: 4.67m x 2.39m x 1.27 (H)
Empty: 2,700Lbs. / 1,227Kgs.
Fill weight: 19,500Lbs. / 8,864Kgs.

33- Total hydrotherapy jets
Seats 6 persons
2000 gallons / 7571 liters
2- Professional Badu swim jets

Therapeutic Seat 1
17- Direct pressure message jets

Therapeutic Seat 2
8- Direct pressure message jets
5” Directional jets

Bench Seats
6- Direct pressure message jets

ALPS 4000 deluxe control with dual 5.5 kw heater (11 kw total).
1- 6.5 hp motor operating therapeutic seats
2- 6.0 hp motors operating the swim jets
Dual 50 sq ft front access filter and skimmer system
Stainless steel jets
Solid ABS floor system
Fully synthetic insulated paneling
Powder coated steel frame construction with solid ½ “ ABS floor system (lifetime warranty)
Waterfall features

+ - Spa Lighting System

Deluxe lighting kit includes 1- 12 bulb main light, six perimeter lights and 4 lighted half moon waterfalls

Spa Colour Choices

Oyster Pearl
Oyster Pearl

Cabinet Colour Choices

American Cherry
Coastal Grey